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E-Mail Submittal from Yahoo Web-Mail


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Login to your Yahoo web-mail

Click on --> Mail Options | Personalization | General Preferences


Headers: - check "Show all headers on incoming messages"

Security: - check "Block HTML graphics in email messages from being downloaded"

Security: - also check "Warn me about sending information outside Yahoo!"

Message Actions:

Forwarding Messages: - check "Forward as an attachment"

Save changes

Go to Junk Mail / Trash Folder (or whatever folder the spam is in)

Select E-mail

Click on the Forward button itself (noting for future reference that there is a down arrow selector for In-Line/Attachment so that you can still forward In-Line for another purpose)

Fill in the To: line with your SpamCop e-mail submittal address

Click on Send

If you are using the "new" Yahoo mail interface instead of the "classic" version, the following maybe a better approach:

....I hit upon the key sequence of Shift-Alt-F, it put the spam email right above where the email body would normally be, with a little 'x' next to it. ...
Absolutely brilliant fragile, THANKS!

Just to paraphrase, in the "new" Yahoo

  • select spam in Yahoo Inbox (without opening)
  • Shift-Alt-F to bring up forwarding screen
  • enter To: SC submit address
  • send
  • go to member page to complete submission
  • (or await SC confirmation mail and follow link)

Yes, yes, it works!

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