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FaceBook and spam


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When I got back from my road trip last week (hours alone with little to do but think) I started reporting to Facebook links in forum spam here.  And it has an impact!

If you get here before I do in the morning you may have noticed some of the forum spam includes a link to a Facebook page i.e. "https:/ /facebook,com/somepage/1234567899" or the like.  I login to FB, and past the link into my browser.  On the spammer's FB page there is a "Feedback" option so I report the page as spam.  Never going back I had no idea if it had an effect

Today there were two FB links to the same page.  I reported the first one and when I went back the second time several minutes later, the page was " currently not available"!!!

I feel good today.

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12 hours ago, Lking said:

I report the page as spam. 

Hello Master, you have that title for a reason🙇

Followup question: "report page as spam"  


Which options do you choose please?

"Scams & Fake pages"

& then ?

Thanks for sharing and cheers!



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I don't know could be a difference in browsers.  When with Windows/FireFox I look at a FB post I see 3 dots in the upper right corner of the post.  Clicking on those  and I get a drop down menu that includes <Give Feedback on this post> Then I get

sc-one.png Then I click on the <spam> button.  <Scam  & Fake pages> could be just as good.  In either case someone there will look at it and dump the trash

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Hello Master,

Still awake?

Thanks for the update!

Windows/FF, me too. Scam & Fake pages, all good, except, another selection must be made for Send to work🤔

I'll try a couple of other browsers & post back.

G🦗H really wants to do this, get so little spam these days it makes me grumpy😡

Gunna chk the difference b/w "give feedback on this post" & "give feedback on this page"



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