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A bit of lunacy


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Traffic from PM seeing as how the user has chosen to use blocking and then bitch about a lack of response .... so, here it is publically .....

Extra commentary in your PM to Jeff G was uncalled for.  You may want to check your settings.  An attempted PM to you to advise you of the Move/Merge of your last post wouldn't fly. 

It is also uncalled for to have a "moderator" tell someone to "chill out."

Especially when I asked my question in a very nice tone and even thanked them in advance for their time. And what did I get told?...to "chill out." Let me explain something to you. I am the senior Administrator for an IRC server. AS well as many other servers. If one of my admins talked to a customer in the manner your "moderator" talked to me I would suspend them immediatly. www.madtiger.org My nick is WhItE^TiGeR in case someone would like to come chat with me live. (although I know that people like your "moderator" would probably pass) Now please explain to me why I was told to chill out?? Isn't this extra commentary uncalled for??? No wonder your forums are notorious for being rude and generally treating people like crap. I notice my account needs re-fueling again. Do you really think I am going to pay money to be treated like this?? Would anyone? Would you? I am glad I found out how you treat paying customers before I refueled again.

I am 40 years old and will not be talked down to by you or one of your "so called moderators" like that again. If you don't like "extra commentaries" then I suggest you advise your moderators that they need to follow the same rules you enforce on other users. And once again...there would have been no extra "comentary" from me, had it not came from him to begin with. Read it...its there in black and white.


xxxxx x. xxxxx

No reply huh?? Now why doesn't that surprise me?? Not only am I not going to refuel my account I will just cancel it altogether. In reviewing your posts and your "admins" treatment of customers I have decided to donate my money to someone who acts like they appreciate it. If your admins hate answering posts so much why are they here?? I am also going to stop referring my customers to your website and advise them against using spamcop in the future. You perhaps didn't know that I own and operate a computer shop. With all that said I advise you in the future to treat people like you want them to be on your side instead of someone that is just a pain in your ass. If you dont like your job you should move on.org.

Good Ridance

I am strictly volunteer here. I could care less what your status in life is, I've got my own issues. It's more than a bit funny to read a dozen or so thank-you PMs and then run into your continued atitude, platitudes, accusations, characterizations, on and on .... I can't even figure out just who you might be talking about when you say "admins" .... There sure seems to be a lot of traffic from "the folks that hate answering" .. who also are volunteering their time to do just that. From this side of the screen, it appears that there are some major clues missing in your 'experience' here.

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