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How many hosts to register

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Sorry if this is a silly question, but I'm just trying to get to grips with this...

I have lots of email addresses that forward to one main email address.

Everything is forwarded from there to SpamCop.

I have registered the main email address with Mailhost. Do I need to register all the others?

2nd question: If I've registered fred[at]somedomain.com then presumably I don't need to register anythingelse[at]somedomain.com??

Could having set this up wrong account for why SpamCop decided to blacklist ALL my email today?!



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1. As long as they are not of the form from question 2, you have to set them up. Think of it as the mailpath rather than mailhost.

2. That is correct, all addresses for the same domain would travel the spam path.

3. It is very possible, You should not do any reporting for any account not entered into the mailhost config as the parser works differently once mailhost is configured.

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