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Emails not being received

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I feel a bit "out of it" at the moment.

I have not received any emails since March 2016 from the topics Ive subscribed to on the Board. Looking at many of the messages on the Board, there seems to be many members who have said that the email facility via the Board is not working. Could someone have a look at this & please fix it?

Many thanks


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It is understandable.  Having joined the forum in the last hour, I can understand why you have not received email from he forum for the last 3 years.

Try with your new account.  Notification works fine for me. There is no indication that there is a issue with the system and current active accounts.

Post split from an existing, older, unrelated topic and move to a more appropriate forum.

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@Hatespam~~ just to be sure, which spamcop account are you referring too? The spamcop forum? Your spamcop reporting account? or an old {AT}spamcop.net email account?

Having posted to an old troll/spammer's thread, your request is not clear.

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Reading other threads in this forum, SpamCop email System & Accounts should be informative.

For example: SpamCop Email Service Changes

When SpamCop and the SCBL was sold to CISCO inc this forum and the email system were retained as a legacy. with advice to all email account holders to find other email servers.

After a coupe of years the system was reduced to "forwarding only." no SpamCop filtering.

As I remember, a couple of years ago forwarding was also discontinued, though the email domain remained.  Perhaps someone who has retained a SpamCop email address could add to the current status.

As noted in the link above, SpamCop Email System & Accounts have gently been going away sense August 2014.

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23 hours ago, Hatespam~~ said:

Can not get mail from xxxx_1[X]spamcop.net to my web account at spectrum. Get error when reply to send to new hosts. Want my mail forwarded from spamcop to my spectrum account

Check your forwarding email address is correct and remove/edit your email address (spam BOTs scan for email addresses)

SpamCop email still Works for me

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