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[Resolved] Forum software update


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Situation: Tornado and flood warning in effect, thunder and lightening seen through the front door, my 'vicious' white shepard trying to crawl into my lap, coffee gone, out of iced tea, all the soda cans are empty, a bit sun-burned from working on a brother's car most of the day ... that's when I get an e-mail from JT <g>

Anyway, a bunch of security patches have been applied. Using some software I'd just installed a few days ago, still playing with its configuration, working around some idiosyncracies, .... there is one file that has been suggested to 'run' .. however, I don't have that file available at present. On one hand, it may do nothing more than change the date/version data in a few file header blocks .. on the other hand, it may modify the database a bit ... unknown to me at this point.

There's been at least 4 versions of some diff files offered up, only one included the bit about "then run ..." .. another had three times as many changes included, but it turned out that the comparison was done between 2.0.2 and 2.0.4 (whereas the 'update' was to cover upgrading 2.0.3 to 2.0.4) .... another one was using a tool that the user admitted not being sure of how to use .... and all these 'versions' were posted into different Forum sections, based on most folks only looking at one section and not finding the data ... needless to say, lots of folks coming back in with "it doesn't work now" comments .. and no way to judge the knowledge of the complainants either ....

I've tested a lot, haven't seen an error yet, but .... please holler quickly if 'you' manage to trigger an event <g>

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OK, I stole some of JT's time this evening .. the actual update files were downloaded and ran. Have checked out things best I can and have found no issues from applying the scri_pt file to the board files ... as above, give a holler ... checking now to see if anything changed from stuff applied after I'd manually done the updates (mentioned in the first post of this Topic)

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