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I don't see any "Welcome screen" with my reporting address


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Ah, the reason why you can't see the "coded email address" is because you have an ISP control center account.

you might need to try out different links and options, like:

clicking on [control center], or [preferences], or trying the [Action:] option other than [Find reports v] option: (I don't know what other options are in that list... as I don't have an ISP control center account)

2077442515_Screenshot_2019-10-08SpamCopnet-Help.png.1d90ade6e7ed6b140b0eb40bb651bc86.png<-- this one here maybe...

or wait until someone with such an account can help...

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On 5/30/2023 at 11:26 PM, Citric Acid said:

Hey everyone!

This is still an issue: my account also is an "ISP" one and doesn't contain a "coded email address". How could I get one having that type of account?

Short form, Is it a waste of time posting (manually logging and pasting source etcetera) here at SpamCop?

Ditto to getting the "coded email address".

...and last I looked ISP is Internet Service Provider and IP is for Internet Protocol. Have the Googies changed that too?

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