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Someone's spamming in my name


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I am getting 20 - 30 emails a day saying returned mail, or user not found etc. Basically it is all for spam such as viagra emails, but they are getting returned to me.

Someone is obviously pretending to send them from me, or using my email address as the reply address. I don't want to get accused of spamming! Does anyone know what I can do about it?

It is actually my email alias that they are using, so it propably won't help contacting my actual email ISP.



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This is a common problem and it usually stops when the spammer moves to the next address on his list. There is very little that can be done.

I have manually sent them back to the abuse desk that sent them pointing out that they are spam and that the return path is forged. I suggest that they do not accept emails and then bounce them since the result is spam to the recipient of the forged return paths. And if they have to accept them, the least they could do is run them thru a spam filter and only send bounce emails to the ones that pass.

But with 20 - 30 a day, you probably won't want to do that. The best you can do is to filter them out.

And ISP's are aware that the return paths are often forged and no one will accuse you of spamming (except some ignorant end user who sends you a nasty email).

Miss Betsy

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