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spammers runing their own DNS


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I've got one aggravating spammer who appears to be running his own DNS on multiple IPs and multiple DNS servers in China. Any idea if we complain to China about this spammer if they would shut him down?

The DNS servers in question are:





I'm going to guess that they all belong to one spammer because I keep getting the same crap with that spammer's DNS servers. About half the time, when I do a "host" lookup on the spamvertised domain, it doesn't resolve, but if I do an nslookup using the ns1.xentavr.com it *does* resolve, which tells me that either the spammer has a null record for ns1.myservys.com intentionally (to protect it for later use when others get shut down?) or it's been shut down (not likely knowing Chinese web hosts!)

Any suggestions?

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