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Disappointed in links


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I am disappointed in the forum web site here. Today, I had time ti kill and wanted to learn more about SpamCop, even in light of the complaint seen regarding reported ISPs not showing up.

Wanting to be in the right place, I went to 

that said it changed to "How we use SpamCop - Detailed Examples". I thought, wow, just what I need and clicked the "How we..." link and arrived at:

I find a number of 404's and wonder if SpamCop is eroding away and that, and in light of @KNERDs comments and the continuing onslaught on the same fake Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Building plans, et alia spam from same source (OVH) and others has me wondering if CISCO (owners of SpamCop? - that's a question) care at all. CISCO, if still owners, should take more pride in SpamCop and put some $'s behind it, support those who worked so hard to being it to where it is, and allow them to make it work again, something Hosts can depend on.

Just say'n s'all,


p.s. Sorry about SECOND duplicate Error image, but unable to delete it.


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Tried to, but not permitted to, delete duplicate image.
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On 9/27/2020 at 11:36 AM, Outernaut said:

I find a number of 404's and wonder if SpamCop is eroding away

I found some of the pages are still there, but when they upgrade the forum a few years back the links changed.  Trying to search for the pages seem to bring the up for me.  I don't like how the links don't always work after that upgrade.

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