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How to attach files

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Steps to attach a file(s) to an email message created in webmail

1) Click on "Attachments" icon (upper right corner of menu bar)

2) Attachment screen appears showing boxes for 3 separate files

3) Type in file path and name or use "browse" to search for file

4) To the right of "browse" is a drop down box that defaults to "attachment" the other choice is "Inline" (accept the default or change it to "Inline")

Note: you can attach up to 3 files at a time (to do more you simply repeat the process)

There does not appear to be a limit on the number of files that can be attached but there is a limit on the maximum combined file size that can be attached which is indicated as:

(Maximum Attachment Size: 2,097,152 bytes)

5) Click on the "Attach" button to actually attach the files (this is the step that is frequently missed)

6) The next display will show the file size of each attachment and includes options to change it from "attachment" to "Inline" or "Inline" to "attachment"; a check box to delete the attachment; and an option to included a description of the attachment, if desired (can be left blank)

Note: the above referes to the data listed at the bottom of the displayed screen. At the top of the screen it will display the following.

Message Composition

Added "xxxxxxxxxxxx" as an attachment.

Added "xxxxxxxxxxxx" as an attachment.

This area will only list the last 1-3 attachments that were just attached.

Note "as an attachment" will be displayed regardless of how it was attached ie

as attachment or Inline.

You can continue attaching 1,2,or 3 files at a time until you reach the max file size.

Note: combined file size is indicated at the bottom of the list along with the following link "Update Attachment Information"

You need to click on "Update Attachment Information" to actually delete any files that you have "checked" for deletion.

1. asdf.txt (text/plain) Size: 1.03 KB

Disposition: Inline

Description: ______________________

Delete?        

2. temp.xls  (application/vnd.ms-excel)    Size: 17.50 KB

Disposition: Attachment

Description: ______________________

Delete?        

Total Attachments Size: 18.53 KB

Update Attachment Information

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