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Serverion "spam factory" review


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Found this on a webhost review site, thought you guys might like it:


Serverion is a spam factory and they don't take abuse reports seriously

Every few weeks, a spammer picks a subnet and spans voraciously from it. Same spammer, same span, different subnet. I report the IP range, send examples, block the subnet. Serverion does nothing .. nada zip. Never a reply, No action taken. Now they have escalated to complaining and bouncing my spam reports for coming from an untrustworthy domain. I'm sick of it. Their online forms offer no credible way to contact them. Don't use them. I'm blocking a dozen subnets at this point and will probably just block their server farm at some point for traffic to my servers. If you host with them, I'm not going to accept a connection from them. They're in short pathetic and probably contacting police in Netherlands a filing a report is the only thing they would pay attention to


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A few problems with their blocking of an entire subnet is that by the time it is being blocked, the spammer has already moved on and someone else tries to honestly use it.  Sometimes it has to be the honest people that need to get the attention of the ISP for them to start cracking down on spammers.

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https;\\raw[dot]githubusercontent[dot]com/ipverse/asn-ip/master/as/213035/ipv4-aggregated.txt and


where 213035 is the ASN of Serverion BV, will return the list of IPv4 and IPv6 subnets. I have scripts using ipverse data to block entire providers in the firewall on a regular basis.

You can find ASNs by doing a whois on the IP address currentl attempting spamming/port scanning/phishing/hacking.

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