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hostmaster@nic.or.kr delivery status notification


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I received a fake email that contain a fake link to a fake site of my bank.

As I use Mozilla I understand this is a trick.

The mail come from netherland, and spamcop correctly identifies the source.

The web site is in Korea and Spamcop say:

Finding links in message body

Parsing text part

error: couldn't parse head

Message body parser requires full, accurate copy of message

More information on this error..

no links found

when the link is perfectly funtional.

It seems to point at:


but really point at:



The mail source indicates that it is

Content-Type: text/html

so there is a bug in finding the link in spamcop parser.

More bad I tried to whois the source, but:


return with a delivery status notification:

Remote MTA mail.inempire.com: network error

- SMTP protocol diagnostic: 550 5.7.1 Access denied



return with a delivery status notification:

Remote MTA mail.nic.or.kr: network error

- SMTP protocol diagnostic: 550 5.7.1 Mail from refused by blackhole site blacklist.spambag.org

Please correct this, and notify to hostmaster the fake bank web site in a hurry.

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Most likely you did not submit the whole message to the parser but made a mistake during the copying process. Please post a TRACKING URL (as explained in the FAQ) so that we can assist you further.

You might also find a look at the glossary useful.


In the thread:

spamcop link parser bug

I pasted the whole mail source (CTRL-U, CTRL-A, CTRL-C with Mozilla)

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Took the spam pasted into another Topic here, did all the "correcting" .. submitted it for a Tracking URL, and as usual, in my 'fixing' things, it ran through without a problem. Tracking URL - http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z798360193zdd...484eb27b69ead6z

e-mail issues caused by spambag.org have nothing to do with spamcop.net ...

The SpamCop FAQ linked to from the top of this page or a Pinned utem at the entry to this Forum section includes a link to the Glossary which then includes a write-up on the use of a Tracking URL .... I believe the How to use ... SpamCop Forum also contains some giudance on how to post your spam queries here.

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