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My ISP Began To Bounce SpamCop Related Emails. How About using Gmail With SMTP To Report spam Again?


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After enjoying reporting about a 100 spam a day for over a month many years ago, and after that for years not getting spam any longer, or only sporadically, lately I began getting about a dozen again every day. Still no biggie. 

But some years ago my ISP started to bounce back the confirmation emails and/or my report emails, and they told me they can't fix it. 

I was using Mailwasher Free for reporting. Now someone on the Mailwasher/Firetrust forum suggested I might be able to use my Gmail account with SMTP enabled to report spam again to SpamCop.

Anyone here know how that works, and if it is possible, how to set it up?

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6 hours ago, gnarlymarley said:

I have not used Mailwasher.  My solution was to setup my own smtp server years ago to get around ISP outbound filtering of spam being sent to abuse mailboxes.

Thank you for replying.

If only I knew how to set things up as you did... but I now only get a few spams a day. So in my case maybe not worth doing the work you did.

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