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Return of digitalocean

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Three of my email addresses get spammed occasionally.  I like to think it's not as bad as it used to be as a result of SpamCop efforts and my small contributions.  Or maybe the scammers have gotten out of the game because it's not so profitable as it used to be, and that only leaves the malicious spammers that just want to be annoying because everyone needs a hobby and no one has ever told them that it's never too late to get your Ham radio license.

I activated a 2nd monitor last year.  I keep the three webmail pages up all the time, waiting for those spams to come in.  So my response time has been better than ever, usually achieving Fresh status.

Lately, I'm wondering about DigitalOcean.  They look like a proper organization.  So I can't help wondering how long it will take before this proper organization responds to the reports of garbage being spewed through their system.

Might be a rhetorical question.  Thanks for tolerating.  I feel better already.




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8 hours ago, nei1_j said:

Lately, I'm wondering about DigitalOcean. 

Another Cloud pusher offering free trails, others are Microsoft, Amazon and so-on.
If you get the source IP try using it as a web-link (url) you sometimes lean more about the spammer.
Keep on the never ending attack. It does work.

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I used to get a lot of spam and report it all.  Then it appears they stopped spamming me.  I think mine slowed down too when began reporting faster.


If DigitalOcean is a proper organization, they will quickly implement a double-opt-in when adding addresses to their list.

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OK gentlemen.  Pretty optimistic, so I'll keep on keeping on.

Marley, I'll write back if the digitaloceans seem to have [ever] ended.  Personally, I think they have enough evidence now, if they'd care to react.  I know it gets a little complicated, some innocent people might have picked up some virus and don't realize their computers have become zombies. But that's just another reason for digitalocean to act faster instead of slower.

Preaching to the choir.

And Petzl, lately, I've just been accepting whatever the SpamCop parser decided.  I used to parse the spams myself for any domains that the SpamCop parser might have missed -- which happens -- and run them through Network-Tools' "whois," to make sure reports would go out to all the involved abuse@whatever.organizations.  Did it for years.  I'll have to get back to it.

The frustrating part is when there's no record of a domain or IP address, not that I or SpamCop could find.  Maybe the only thing to do in that case is to send the report to the ITU International Telecommunications Union; lol.

I have always assumed the SpamCop parser either found the source IP or responded that it couldn't find it and therefore gave up.  I should double-check.

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