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Need to have this account deleted!

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Hi LK.

A long time ago SC was my email handler and filter. POPped my mail from it and also filtered and reported spam.

Then SC sold part of itself (or evolved into something else) and I moved to my own domain and another mail handler because I wanted to make sure what I had continued to be stable.

I figured that things were going to be quiet and the SC functions were going away.

I was wrong.

My SC password was hacked (like an idiot I used a password that was vulnerable to dictionary a based attack.)

I'm now just after getting anything related to this email address deleted.

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19 hours ago, kd1sq said:

Ah! Digging it looks as if CESMail's fall might have led to Cisco now keeping my SC mail still being forwarded?

I wonder who I would have to ask about that?


Just log onto you SpamCop reporting page and go to preferences.
Then select
Change Email address or name
remove email from
Forward mail to address








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