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InformationWeek: The Threats Get Nastier


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...From InformationWeek August 29, 2005: The Threats Get Nastier:

Business-technology folks would love to believe their IT systems are well-protected, not only from the destructive worms and viruses that speed across the Internet but from the increasingly sophisticated attacks that target people and their valuable data.


Then came Zotob, a run-amok worm that reminds everyone that malicious software is never more than a few keystrokes away.


They dug their way into the operating system's [Windows 2000] Plug and Play feature, and they included code that opens an Internet Relay Chat channel back to designated servers, from which the worms can download additional code to further compromise a machine or turn it into a zombie capable of spamming [emphasis mine] or denial-of-service attacks.

[Edit: fixed per StevenUnderwood's correction (thanks, Steven!)]

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