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Blackholes.us disk crash - Updated


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Disk crashed. Wierd things happened. Back online very soon now...

Not all of the legacy zones (cn-kr.blackholes.us, etc.) are up or available for download. The format of the new zones is here. Please adjust your scripts and parsers

The provider lists are being built and checked for accuracy. Should be up by Saturday

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Blackholes.us does not list spammers, spam supporters, or vulernable hosts (open relays/proxies) at the present time. The data published here is not indended for use as any kind of anti-spam "solution," although it can be helpful as part of a larger system. If you are having difficulty with the delivery of mail, your best recourse is to contact the postmaster of the host using the data to reject messages.


Web Functional, needs work

DNS countries.blackholes.us alive; desperate for secondaries; documentation not yet available; AXFR no longer supported; Download rbldnsd format here.

Countries Alive

Providers Posted to HTTP and rsync. DNS coming.

rsync Alive

Mailman Alive - Subscribe to blackholes-announce; fixed a slight config problem. If you haven't received a confirmation, please try again.

Email Alive - now filtered by several blocklists (no blackholes.us lists) and SA

The legacy country zones are alive.

The provider lists are posted by HTTP and DNS is coming soon.

Badly need secondary DNS services. Interested in helping? As soon as the host was back up, the DDoS attacks were already underway. Be aware of this before volunteering. A big Thank You is due to everyone who has inquired.

The New Mexico ISP providing bandwidth for this little project is awesome, BTW.

The data published in the countries tables should be in good shape. It's been checked against WHOIS, stats, and BGP tables. Other providers of country-based IP listing services may contact me for a list of corrections I've located in the various databases. I'd also be interested in learning of any inaccuracies others may have located.

I haven't completed the scripts and utilites to assist processing the data into more useful forms. If you begin using the data and would like to donate your scripts and parsers for publication, they would be gratefully accepted if there are no copyright restrictions (public domain). Attribution will be made happily upon request.

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