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[Resolved] More database / Access issues


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Haven't checked newsgroup traffic yet, this is just my experience today ... sporadic errors in connecting to the www.spamcop.net web-site .... error messages include "no userid found" .. the usual "putRow xxxxxx" display .... usually another attempt at connecting works .... so once again, don't try to reset your password, register a "new" account .... just take this as the heads-up that all the issues from the last two major Announcements are not yet resolved ...

http://www.spamcop.net/spamgraph.shtml?spamstats is showing signs of some re-booting / off-line periods again ...

This is about the Reporting & Parsing system ... Forum access, web-mail are on other systems on the other coast, so there should be no impact ...

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As it turns out ... apparently "my bad" ???? Back home, closed a bunch of windows to get a fresh start, hit the newsgroups and find;

From: "Ellen"

Newsgroups: spamcop,spamcop.geeks,spamcop.help,spamcop.mail

Subject: Maintenance Window 10/21/2005 -- Effective Immediately

Followup-To: spamcop

Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 14:58:40 -0400

Message-ID: <djbdtd$ohq$1[at]news.spamcop.net>

We are starting a maintenance window to update portions of the reporting

system. This will not effect the SpamCop mail system. We expect this to take

less than 2 hours. The maintenance will start shortly.

Thank you for your patience.



Follow'ups to Spamcop

Please propagate to the forums

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