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Request for help - Apple Mail extraction


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My iBook has been long down for the count, so I don't have anything handy to look at. What I'm asking for is a bit of a step-by-step for another SpamCop user to somehow extract an existing e-mail from the Apple Mail application. What I want is the real, complete, honest to God e-mail data. At this point, I'd even be happy with a big old hex dump of that resulting file. It's been so long, I don't recall enough to be able to talk someone into getting into the Terminal to use the Command-Line Interface, so trying to toss a few *NIX comands would be useless without being able to get to that level / window ,,,,

Thus far, a cut/paste into a text file has dropped data .... another attempt at a Forward apparently lost/changed data, and the setting of "Quoted=Printable" only added to the confusion in those results .... I want to see the "non-printable" characters that I believe exist within the subject e-mail .....

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