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Would you pay for a "how to report" tutorial?


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yeah i know how that sounds but im thinking of letting a pro writing a "how to report spam" tutorial.

So any one interested in that,cause i think i can make tons of money with that.

Gonna start with $ 75 or is that to much ?

Im glad im different ,whenever a member asks me something i start explaining just as long untill he or she understands.......no matter how long it takes.

But here at "the spam forum" im running around for 2 days now and still dont know how to report it !

And the faq page of spamcop...Who wrote that ?...was that person drunk or on drugs ?....cause thats how the faq looks to me....

it goes from left to the right ,from up to the bottom and the the other way around.

One thing is sure.....the whole spamcop thing is only for the americans.

I know the u.s.a is the number 1 spam country,but the whole faq.....(if thats what you call it) is purely setup for the american to read.

And in my case ........as im dutch im glad that i can read english,but what if i couldnt ?

How do those people report spam..?

Now at this point i feel like im beginning to spam this forum !....so in a way .....a spammer is being created here..?

Nice work...

Well my dear reader,i dont know if you know a lot about the dutch people,and as for me......im that kind that always says what he thinks.....

and now im thinking.......the support sucks....and support means.....helping out untill a solution is reached.

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There is someone from Holland in the spamcop.help newsgroup. If you can post to the newsgroup, she may explain it to you in your language. Ping Marjolein for subject line. (To access the newsgroup, click on General Help on the Site Page)

And it is not only non-English speakers who have trouble with the FAQ! People have complained for years. Supposedly they are under major revision now.

I am sorry that I couldn't help you.

Miss Betsy

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