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This is the only message I can find with the URL you provide. We adhere to standard business practices when sending out emails. I would like to see the message body that caused this. This is all I can find. Is there any way i can find out why is on your list. listed in bl.spamcop.net (

Since SpamCop started counting, this system has been reported about 10 times by less than 10 users. It has been sending mail consistently for at least 132.9 days. In the past 566.9 days, it has been listed 6 times for a total of 16.6 days

In the past week, this system has:

Been detected sending mail to spam traps

Been witnessed sending mail about 1300 times

A sample sent sometime during the 24 hours beginning Sunday, February 22, 2004 7:00:00 PM -0500:

Received: from -.-.-.com (-.-.com [])

by -.-.org (-.-.-.-.-) with - id -

for <-[at]-.org>- Mon, - Feb 2004 - - (-)

Subject: - is - back guarantee

From: rc.. at ..n.com

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At the bottom of what you posted is a very munged version of a message that was reported to be spam and that was parsed as having originated from your server.

More importantly is the line "Been detected sending mail to spam traps". These are email addresses which exist on web pages only to be picked up by spammers robots. They have never requeted anything. Sometimes it happens that a legitamite server sends a bounce to a spamtrap because they are bouncing messages that have the spamtrap address as the sender. Those types of bounces should be disabled.

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How do I get the full message body that is not parsed?

You can't, there used to be more detail but the spammers used ithe info to avoid listings.

Spammers spoil it for everyone. :(

You might want to check out http://www.moensted.dk/spam/?addr=12.148.2...6&Submit=Submit

to see what other lists you are in. Maybe one of them will have a sample.

Dont worry about being listed in: BUSATT, CLUE-ALL or NERD-ZZ.

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