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Forwarded mail and filter by subject

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This has been a Frequently Asked Question, but not a Frequently Answered one.

Forwarded mail is processed by black lists and white lists, so email from bad places to ok lists cant get through.


  1. is in the subject and could be filtered (whitelisted) on.

Asking the same question...



However there is no Spamcop interface or facility to do this filtering.

I don't want to use WebMail for a whole bunch of reasons. But I do want my list mail to get through. I don't want all my held mail forwarded where it could be additionally filtered locally; 1. to save bandwidth, and more

importantly 2. to ensure nasties/viruses/rotten links don't even get onto my machine.

I really dislike trolling held mail, looking for false postives.

Why can web mail filters not be applied on server side? Probably because the filters are implemented in IMP, and that's not available on the server.

Why can't SpamCop implement additional filter mechanisms or methods on the server side? Personal whitelist is thinly implemented. Users using this premium service are often fairly skilled in email. This is the heart of the issue, and the one that really needs answering......is it answered elsewhere?

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Many lists can be whitelisted with the current scheme (I have a couple of them). The hint is at: http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/306.html Some lists, however, do not use the Return-Path header.

If you would provide a Tracking URL (cancelled) for one of these messages, we may be able to help you whitelist it.

And just because you don't like the answer (that it can not be done with the current tool set) does not mean it has not been answered. This has also been a new feature request for quite a while, one of the first, if I remember correctly.

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