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Too much time with no response .. I can't stand it ....

First of all, are you actually sure of what RSS is all about?

In general, the 'user' needs a client running to grab, interpret, and display an RSS feed. The web-site involved has to 'build' the package to make any/all/the data availble for an RSS feed. The overall concept of an RSS feed is for exemplified by snagging the output of a newsfeed and using that data in another application for some sort of display, whether it be aggregating a ton load of data on your screen of populating yet another application. Personally, I'm having a hard time working with making one's e-mail available under this generalized environment.

Then one could wander off into the headaches of trying to make the scripts you say you have actually interface/work with other applications ... ????

That said, do you have an example of someone actually doing this, source for the scripts you say you have, etc. ????

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