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Due to the often repeated (and sometimes dramatic) complaints from folks that don't have the time, inclination, or knowledge of the information required to actually answer/resolve a problem and then get upset at the inital response to their first post about the fact that sufficient data was not provided in that first post, this Forum section has been created.

As time allows, it will be 'fully' populated. At that time, there may even be a new procedure involved in the way one interacts with the rest of the Forum .. example, a new Forum registrant may be limited to only posting in this (or a yet to be created) Forum section. Only after sufficient data has been provided would the post then be moved into the actual Forum area for actual discussion. The downside of course is all the extra work involved from this side of the screen and the probability of even further angering more folks. The penalty for folks that have a general clue, or even are attempting to ask a question that is not yet addressed here may also be an issue, but .... after playing games like taking 8 to 20 posts to get a simple answer that should have been included in the very first post, and then that Topic/Discussion gets shifted over to the perceived rudeness of other users / volunteers that were attempting to get the original poster to simply provide the missing data must simply come to an end.

The SpamCop.net system has various components, some free, some paid, some technical .... add in the various methods of and tools used to interact with those tools and the resulting data, the many software applications involved, the ever-changing codebase of the many applications involved, that spammers work around the clock/world in their efforts to defeat things like filters, blocks, and analysis tools, the range of knowledge and background of computer users, etc. etc. etc. .. it should be obvious that there is no single answer available to a posting that only states "it doesn't work" ....

So here's an attempt at laying out the data needed (not necessarily all inclusive) such that someone else can possibly jump in and start with some possible answers, rather than trying to play a guessing game or wasting everyone's time by re-asking for the data that should have been provided as part of the original request for help.

To set the tone for this Forum section, its creation was caused by folks that ignored the Start Here - before you make your first Post and the instructions/guidance offered in that linked item. Those that even then also apprently ignored the [How-to] Post a Question (and prevent stupid/rude answers) made as an Announcemnet in every Forum section, and also seemed to ignore the notice The primary mode of support here is peer-to-peer, meaning users helping other users. (please remember this at all times!) also placed into each Forum entry screen .... then add in those that didn't see the need to look at a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) list to see if the question they decided to post had not already had answers developed and made available such that more folks didn't have to waste time reading the same question for the millionth time and then make a call as to whther to type up the same answer for the millionth time or simply point the poster to (one of) the FAQs created for just that purpose. That these folks then got upset because all these resources and the lack of effort on the part of the user to even look at those resources get pointed out, that little to none of the needed data was provided in the original query, yet it was still expected/demanded that "the answer" be provided .... well .. here we are .... If you see your "problem" identified in the list of items showing below and you still fail to make an attempt at providing the data identified, you may find nothing but references to "read the FAQ" responses.

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My reworking:

The SpamCop.net system has various components, some free, some paid, some technical.  Basically, there are two separate entities:  the SpamCop Parsing Service and Blocklist and the SpamCop Email Service (link to a longer description of What is SpamCop). 

The primary mode of support here is peer-to-peer, meaning users helping other users.  Julian Haight, the founder of SpamCop, considered that a forum where there are many different people interested in the same subject works better at providing answers than one person with a reference book.  Since there are many different aspects to SpamCop, there are people with various areas of expertise.  That means that the forum is not truly peer-to-peer since posters include end users with little technical knowledge to server administrators with daily experience with email. 

However, the regular users have built an archive of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) so that if one poster doesn't have the answer, it can be pointed to in the FAQ.  The FAQ also provides a way for people with questions to find the answer and not have to post and wait for an answer (here is the link to the FAQ).

You may not find your "problem" identified in the FAQ shown (and there are, at least, a dozen ways of asking about different common problems so you might miss it).  If so and you decide to make a post, there are certain things that the other users will want to know before they can answer your question (link to list of what people want to know when answering questions):

The first poster may just point you to the FAQ - if it exists and you missed it.  All of the people who regularly answer questions including the Forum Administrator and the Moderators are not employees of SpamCop.  They may be rushed and unable to give a full answer.  No one is intentionally rude, but each person has their own style.  To consult the Forum participants is like asking advice from "shade tree mechanics" - sometimes the one with the bluntest way of talking knows the most.

As Julian thought, the user to user forum often provides faster and more complete answers.  However, if you want to talk to a SpamCop employee, please use this link to find contact email addresses: 

If you decide to post in the forum, please read the descriptions of the various forums before you select one to post in.  The purpose of different forums is so that people can see other topics about the same area in one place so it is important to try to select the proper forum.  If, for some reason, you get confused, a Moderator will probably move your post to the correct forum for you. 

Links to the FAQs, Dictionary, Glossary, and Wiki are provided at the top of this page for you to stat your search for an answer now.

Is it possible for people who register to be sent to this section first?

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