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"your reporting privileges have been suspended"

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I have had 2 paid email accounts with SpamCop for several years and have been very happy with the service...

For a while I've noticed whenever I report spam on one of my paid accounts through the webmail interface I didn't receive any reports...I thought it was a glitch in the webmail reporting system (I always received aconfirmation "1 message has been reported as spam. 1 message has been reported as spam to SpamCop. 1 message(s) have been deleted.") and didn't pay too much attention to it...until I clicked on "Report Held Mail" button and was taken to the alternate reporting interface.

When I tried to report a spam a message there a message was returned saying that my "reporting privileges have been suspended". How can I resolve this?

Please let me know as I do not use the email function of these accounts any longer...I am a paying subscriber because I support SpamCop.

Thanks for your help!

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I heard back from a SpamCop administrator...the problem was my own making :ph34r:

I had set one of my paid SpamCop accounts to auto-forward to another email address...but did not update that email address when it changed, thus emails to my SpamCop account were getting bounced.

Thanks for your help Steve T (and Steve P) :)

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