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Email forward service blocked - Publishingconcepts


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I am an alumnus of UC Berkeley. As a member of the Alumni Association, I have an email forwarding alias from a Berkeley domain

I removed the servers from our blocking list. Your mail should go through OK now.

Publishingconcepts isn't sending spam. It's reports from SpamCop users with alumni forwarding services who are reporting their own service as the spam source that's causing the servers to be put on our list.

I compensated for that and the parse is finding the true source of the spam now.

Another problem is that in some cases, a blank line is getting inserted into the headers, which causes the parse to fail and tag the Publishingconcepts server as the source of the spam. I can't tell if that's a server problem or a user mail client problem. It's happening to some, and not others.

I can't compensate for that, so I have suspended the users who are submitting those headers until they figure out what's going on.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -

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Thanks Don.

Just trying to understand if I should have sent this issue to you rather than the deputies (and perhaps this thread is not the location for this discussion). My understanding of your position was (from our FAQ here): Administrative affairs. I took that to mean you have deputy responsibility with additional functions related to payment problems and such.

Ellen replied to me on this issue that she needed to be in contact with PCI in order to do anything. Was that contact made to you, or are your responsibilities different than the deputies?

From Ellen's reply (also quoted above when I received it):

if the person who is asking the question is associated with the blocked IP please have them write to us. I am afraid that I cannot give out details of this issue publicly. I can tell you that the spam is not originating at PCI.
This seems to sync with what you told us except for the contact part. If you want to answer this but not public, you can PM me or move this message into a new thread in the Admin forum.

Thanks again for straightening out this issue.

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Ellen replied to me on this issue that she needed to be in contact with PCI in order to do anything.

When Ellen got the issue, there was only the one IP involved, and there was only one user reporting it. She discovered that the headers were mangled and wouldn't parse beyond the IP getting tagged as the source. It looked like the only way to fix the problem was to get them to provide proper headers, or make the user stop reporting the spam. Hence her need to contact PCI about the problem. The way to contect them is through the SpamCop user by having him complain to them about the bad headers in the mail he gets via their service.

When I got involved, another IP had come into play, and I discovered that there were also subtle parse problems that were causing multiple users to report their own service. I was able to compensate for those problems by adjusting how SpamCop looks at the servers in the headers. As a result, you got a much different answer from me than you did from Ellen.

She can, and would have done the same thing had she known about the other IP and the other users at the time.

- Don -

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