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[Resolved] mail via alias not arriving

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(this may be covered in other topics, but I can't tell)

I have aliases set up with my hosting company which relay messages to my spamcop.net account.

The messages are properly relayed if I specify a different account (like gmail).

I get mail addressed directly to my [at]spamcop.net email address.

But when the alias points to my [at]spamcop.net account the mail never arrives. There is no bounce ... the mail just simply doesn't arrive (not even in Held Mail).

The aliases have been in place for over a year.

This just started last night or this morning.

Is there currently a problem with the email system?

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looks like it was my host (unless someone at spamcop just did something) ... 'cause I had a ticket their also, and the backlogged emials are arriving now :D


...Thanks for posting the good news! I have accordingly marked this article as "resolved."
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