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Getting reports


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Thanks for the information on what kind of statistical reports an ISP can get.  I never paid attention because I never thought there would be any questions about them.

If he was for real, I think I will give Don a heads up that I have irritated another one.

Miss Betsy


Here is the text of the Daily Summary Report I got after I reported myself for this exercise. Again, this can be addedd to a FAQ. Too busy now to work it up.

[ SpamCop V1.514 Summary Report ]

-- See footer for key to columns and notes about this report --

IP_Address Start/Length Trap User Mole Simp Comments

RDNS Dec 16 01h/0 0 1 0 0 marked resolved


-- Key to Columns --

IP Address: The numeric address.

Start: The first date (within the past week) that spam was

reported to have originated from the IP address.

Length: The duration of the incident in # of days

Trap: Messages received at traps.

User: Messages reported by registered users.

Mole: Messages reported by registered users who prefer to remain


Simp: Simple reports - messages submitted by unregistered users.

Comments: Notes reflect blocking-list status and issue-resolved status.

RDNS: Reverse dns name of ip address (must pass forward and reverse)

-- Summary Report Notes --

o All times are GMT, exact time of incident withheld.

o Time of this report is: Fri Dec 16 20:15:20 2005

o To close an issue, or get more details, log into your account:


o Issues are sorted with the newest reports first. Resolving new

issues first heads off additional spam from in-progress sources.

o This email is intended to be viewed with a fixed-width font.

o This email was requested in your SpamCop preferences page - where

it may be disabled.

o This report is sent periodically, but only if there have been changes.

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