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Does not report source IP accurately?


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Over the past few days, I've been unable to report spam that I've received on a yahoo account. The error is:

Receiving server (mail.ukl.yahoo.com) does not report source IP accurately

No source IP address found, cannot proceed.

This has been working for, well, years, but recently it's started doing this. I can't see anything obviously wrong with the headers.

Any fix?

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as posted by Ellen over in the newsgroups yesterday morning:

Yes those mailservers were set to untrusted about about 3 hours ago. We are

seeing the received header with the "by" mail.ukl.yahoo.com line inserting

email addresses that do not belong to btinterent -- we have seen examples

with IPs that belong to 2 large mailers/web presences where their IPs had

nothing to do with the mail at all. The only thing I was able to conclude

was that those servers are borked and I marked them untrusted. We may come

up with a better solution but for the time being they are untrusted to

report the correct IP.


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