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[Resolved] All day Outlook cannot login to Spamcop...

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Outlook keeps getting error messages trying to login to Spamcop's POP3 server; pop.spamcop.net.

Outlook error message says: "Spamcop Account sending/receiving reported error (0x8004210A). Operation timed out waiting for a response from the POP server"

FYI The time out setting has always been and still is set for 30 seconds.

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Sorry, but can't buy the "all day" thing. A number of hours back, both mail and webmail.spamcop.net servers were down. However, they've both returned to service, connectivity to the Reporting servers was re-established ... most of this documented (a bit) in the Announcements section. Other than the period that the mail servers were actually down, there is no one else reporting connection issues. Appearances at this point would be that something has changed in your Outlook configuration.

Possibly see http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;827349

Google finds other suggestions that deal with anti-virus scanning of e-mail ... perhaps settings involved in your anti-virus tools are involved?

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Thanks for your suggestions. Through more process of elimination from your suggestions I discovered Norton Internet Security had changed the previously set permissions for Outlook application to access the Internet. How it could do that I have no idea. I changed Norton's settings to permit Outlook's access to the internet and now it works as it did before.

I suspect that even though I have NIS set to do manual Norton Live Updates, perhaps they deploy a mecahinsm in Norton's background that permits a critical update to be downloaded automatically, and that process changed what executables had access to the internet after the Norton update was loaded.

Thanks for your suggestions, it got me moving in the right direction.

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