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Settings for a reporting-only (free) account?


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I just signed up for a reporting only address (not paid.) The how-to pages and response email (somewhat) seemed to indicate that I should be able to login at http://spamcop.net:

To use the "Email submission system" you now have to register for a SpamCop account.

Once you have confirmed your registration, go to your SpamCop home page (http://spamcop.net/, http://members.spamcop.net/ or http://mail.spamcop.net/members.php). Right below the "Welcome" message you will notice a coded email address.

I did find the 'welcome' screen but do not see any sort of user settings.

Are there any user settings? I would like, if possible, to turn off the "SpamCop has accepted 1 email for processing" emails I am receiving on each submission.

Unless I'm missing something (such as having to further follow up on each piece of spam), I'd rather not see the bandwidth wasted with these acknowledgements.

I assume a 'user settings' section would exist to do just this.

Please advise.


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reporting only address (not paid.)

not paid translates to "free" reporting ... important as their is an actual "report only" type of paid account. As a free user, there are no preferences to set. The e-mail you're talking about is fallout from submitting your spams via e-mail. Though many have expressed the same wish, there are oh so many others that see the lack of this response as the first sign that there's a problem.

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