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DeskScop 0.9 released

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Ah, sorry. Don't think I was spamming the forum. :-)

I've been a user of SpamCop for some time; I wrote the app in my spare time; the app is free. I posted the link as I thought it might be of use to some other users.

I imagined most people who were interested in the idea would follow the link to learn the answers to your other questions! Take it or leave it, as it were.

In short, the app retrieves email by screen-scraping the VER reporting system. Ugly, ugly, ugly, but it works. It has an advantage over the VER reporting system in that

a) you can process multiple messages with different actions in one go (ie. report some messages and forward some messages in one click without having to request two pages from the VER system)

and B) it may or may not be easier to use than the VER reporting system. Personally, I find it easier to use but it's not much of an improvement yet.

All the best,


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Didn't mean to cast any bad connotations there ... just all to familiar with this kind of drop and run type posting and wanted to at least cause the next person through to think twice before blindly clicking on some "you gotta have this" bad thing link ... thanks for flushing out the description a bit .... much more of a warm fuzzy feeling now existing ....

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