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Slow Response / Folders-Held Mail Issue

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Several folks have emailed me recently and the mail never got through to me. I went into my SpamCop account to adjust some filters and then check my "Held Mail" folder to check out the messages that had been held-up.

However, when accessing the system and clicking on "Held Mail" it has a very slow response time (over 2 minutes -- on DSL connection) and then results in an error message. When it does "work" it returns nothing.

Alternatively, when I click on "Held Mail" from the menu bar up top, the results are a bit different as it will show 100 emails (out of a total of over 16,600) that have been held. However, when I select these 100 emails for deletion, the system hangs.

My questions:

-- Is this a bug?

-- Am I doing something wrong?

I am just trying to find the emails I missed and weed through the 16,600 emails to find out what I have missed (besides v-iag-ra adverts).

Note: I am not a SpamCop newbie and have been using the system for 2 years without issue until now.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Rich Brazeau

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