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[Hidden] We have the nokia n90 for just $170usd


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Hmm... Forum spam on an anti-spam forum. Yeah, thats gonna go over well. You're reporting the posters IP to their ISP, right Wazoo?

Hmm, I wonder if that is really a working email address. Maybe we should unmunge it and see how many different places we can post it for the spammers to find.


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Abuse complaints went to abuse[at]ipplanet.com against the IP address used to actually make the posting and abuse[at]everyone.net against the e-mail address used in the spam (and for registering the account to post the spam)

User first arrived at 21/Feb/2006:14:16:39 -0500

Actually logged in as a Registered user at 21/Feb/2006:14:28:02 -0500

Started the post at 21/Feb/2006:14:32:25 -0500

Checked the post at 21/Feb/2006:14:34:45 -0500

Logged back in at 21/Feb/2006:15:46:35 -0500 to read a PM sent about the bad move made in posting the spam.

Reports went out after I logged in, saw the traffic, pulled up the access logs, built the e-mail ...

Let's just say .. thanks for the Moderators in here and the quick action taken to keep these things from being a nuisance. I'm still very much amazed at reading of the troubles of other (IPB) Forum admins/users on having their Forums spammed, yet this Forum seems so quiet in comparison .. have to believe that it's the quick response that has had the most impact. Thanks again.

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