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S/MIME problem with Webmail


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I got S/MIME support working. So I can send signed and encrypted mails without a problem. If I read the mails with Thunderbird e.g. all is working ok.

If I use the Horde webmail to view the same messag in my inbox there is not text visible. I see the message "There are no parts that can be displayed inline." and an attachment " S/MIME Encrypted Message [application/x-pkcs7-mime]".

If I click on the attachment I have to put in my password for my private key and another window opens telling me

"This message has been encrypted via S/MIME.

This message has been digitally signed via S/MIME."

That is ok. But then only the last part of the message is displayed and there are no line breaks included anymore.

So e.g. the following original text:

"Und? Diesmal von TB. Klappt das?



http://www.urspringer.de "

is displayed as


Michael -- http://www.urspringer.de


Any idea what is going wrong here?



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