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spamcop spam (reporting data)

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Everytime I report spam , spamcop sends me a report, I get lots of spam so I now gets lots opf spam reports....

How can I turn of all notification ?

In my prefs on spamcop I have left the "Personal copies of outgoing reports" blank.


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I'm going to guess that what you are really talking about is the "notification" that your e-mailed spam has been accepted for processing. You're not alone in stating that you don't need them, but historically, there's a lot of folks that start getting excited when they don't show up, as that's the first sign of something gone wrong ...

And if you haven't followed the process, those aren't "spam reports" .. they are your opportunity to go look at the SpamCop analysis output and you have to make a decision as to whether or not to actually send those complaints out, based on which check-boxes you leave selected ... If you're not doing this, your "complaints" thus far haven't gone anywhere.

The line you say you cleared would have sent you a copy of the actual complaint(s) .. had one (or more) actually gone out.

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Thanks for the help but now I am more confused, here is what I am doing :

1/ add any spam to held mail folder

2/ select all spam in held mail and send for reporting

3/ I then later on get "results of my submission" in my E-Mail with a link to the offending E-Mail

which if I click on and read states in the text : short Example


"Reports regarding this spam have already been sent:"

Re: (Administrator of network where email originates)

   Reportid: 759493785 To: ainol#tm.net.my[at]devnull.spamcop.net

   Reportid: 759493787 To: e_melia[at]tm.net.my

   Reportid: 759493789 To: fuwaizah[at]tm.net.my

   Reportid: 759493790 To: aizan98[at]tm.net.my

etc etc


have these been reported or not ?

if so great, but how do I stop these "results of submissions" pouring into my E-Mail.

If this means they have not yet been reported then why tell the "Reports regarding this spam have already been sent:"?

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