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New User Needs Help!

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Dear friends,

I've added all my hosts:




But under Gmail I've 3 emails account.

I've registered all 5 emails under the Mailhost page (add new host) included the 3 from Gmail.

But in the Mailhost page it is listed only one of the 3 emails under Gmail host, why?



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Did you look at the SpamCop FAQ at all?

3 accounts, 10 accounts, 147 accounts, would still meet the definition of "one host" if they all end with gmail.com ...

Any input on needed re-wording of FAQ Entry: MailHost Configuration problems woud be appreciated.


i apologise but i'm not an english speaking person and reading pages of faq is hard for me.

that's why i posted my problem and hoped to have a direct answer.

thanx! tony

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