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Why does spamcop take so long to forward email?

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Spamcop takes too long to forward email. For example it is impossible to have a phone conversation with someone who wants to forward something to look at. It could take 15 minutes or even more for the email to arrive.

Is this really necessary or is this doing it on the cheap?

Otherwise I have no complaints.

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If your ISP's e-mail account is set up to forward mail to your Spamcop account, the message should appear at Spamcop virtually instantly - typically only a few seconds.

If, however, Spamcop is retrieving mail from your ISP via POP3, it only logs on to retrieve mail perhaps once every 15 minutes or so.

If you get your associates to send mail directly to your Spamcop e-mail address rather than to your ISP's account, you should get it very quickly.



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