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Ralsky in the news (again)


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Hackers quaking over reported spam King's arrest

Ralsky is a near legend in the spam community -- the subject of a raft of lawsuits from Verizon and others for his shameless spamming activity. MOre recently the feds have been closing in. His home in Michigan was raided back in October. And rumor has it that a datacenter Ralsky used was raided a couple weeks back.

Scoop: DOJ jails spam King!

Wag: What were Ralsky's biggest crimes? How would I explain this guy to my mom?

MH: Ralsky is known as the spam King. He is one of the biggest spammers out there, his network and spamlists are huge. He is not afraid to use shady methods to bypass filters and to acquire new lists.

He has been known to use the hack scene to help him spam and to get him new lists to work with.

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