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Bounced e-mails? $5B annual cost


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So says some IronPort staff in a recently released report titled:

Internet Email Traffic Emergency: spam "Bounce" Messages are Compromising Networks. By the IronPort Threat Operations Center

Press Release found at IronPort Study Finds More Than 50% of the Fortune 500 Report Bounce Attacks, Costs Estimated at $5B Annually

Another Insidious Ploy by Internet Criminals

Nearly every email user has had the unnerving experience of receiving a notification from some corporation or ISP saying, "the message you sent could not be delivered because it contained a virus". But, on closer inspection, this notice came from some address that the user has never heard of or never sent mail to. Concerned that their machine has been compromised by one of the many email borne computer viruses, users will often contact their corporate IT support team for assistance. Most of these help desk calls are unnecessary because the message the end-user received was a misdirected bounce, another insidious ploy by criminals polluting the Internet with spam, viruses, phishing and spyware.

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