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Dang .. sorry to see it go .....


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Yet again, I find my self running late in these things .... SpamKings April (and apparently last) Blog entry This was always an enjoyable read, lots of ground covered .... the truth of the good-bye does hurt a bit .... of course, I had some of the same thoughts when I first applied for my SpamCop Reporting account ... a number of years before Brian got the idea for his book ....

I've enjoyed the past 18 months of trading notes about the spam scene. But due to the demands of a new (non-spam-related) job, I'm going to have to pull back from blogging and probably won't be posting any further updates. I'm also likely to disable comments and trackbacks, since I won't have time to clean up after the blog spammers.

Contrary to what some spammers might think, I never saw myself as an anti-spammer. My role was just to chronicle the spam scene, which I see as a fascinating intersection of entrepreneurism, crime, technology, and vigilantism. As a heavy user of the Internet, however, I admit that I'm rooting for the day when crooks, frauds, and freeloaders run out of ways to abuse the system.

Three years used to seem like an eon in Internet time. But as I look back to that summer of 2003, I am amazed at how little of substance has changed in the spam scene.

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