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Hi, all.

I read a very interesting web page about an automatically self-propogating spam network that spans the globe. Not only are there open proxies, but DNS servers and web servers, all comprised of compromised home boxes, for this spamnet.

Read about it here:


I think if we come across any of these, we should form a group to manually track each and every cracked box down, and shut down the whole thing. This is frightening.

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As it's been going on for years, not sure why you're surprised. Historically, some of the issues include problems such as complaints sent to an ISP about a DNS server or proxy abuse occurring at IP such and such, but by the time the abuse department reads that comlplaint, the abuser of these services on the compromised box had already moved on, and the abuse tech finds no issues when the allegedly abused system is scanned. Eventually, some of these abuse techs caught on ... but that's just one story ..

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