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Spamcop not parsing links correct


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Hi there.

I just finished submitting a spam email to SpamCop.

Check out this link:


It says "no links found" , however, there is a url address in the message that links to some damn .biz site.

Just wanted to let you guys know :)

Thanks for this great service, wish I chould buy a subscription .. But I don't have a job, and no credit card :(:(

PS. The 213.220.103.x servers are my ISP's servers, but they are listed on that page as possible open relays. How does this work? Will they be listed on blocklists anywhere?

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first thing I see is the lie between the actual body and the included line: Content-Type: text/html

Basically all IP's checked by the SpamCop parser are first considered as possible "something" ... use of outside services do run tests on newly discovered IP's, and you can end up on one of those lists if it truely is an open relay.

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