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About half of Spamcop submissions bounce back

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I've recently subsctibed to Spamcop

Subscribed???? The words normally seen are "I registered for a Reporting Account" or "I purchased a Reporting-only or an E-Mail account" ....

and notice about 50% of my submissions bounce, with content such as:

- delivery failed

- destination mailbox full

Neither of the above is a "normal" error code dealing with submitting a spam for parsing (assumedly via e-mail, but you leave a whole bunch of data out of your query)

For instance, there is no "mailbox" involved ... a "delivery failed" message should have all kinds of stuff in it, codes, data, URLS, etc. What is some of that data?

If "we" pretend you signed up for a free-reporting account, have you logged nto www.spamcop.net? Have you seen your "submit:" address listed on that screen? Does that resemble at all the 'address' you are sending stuff to?

And of course, as suggested in the [How to] post a question Pinned entry ... silly things like your e-mail client, how are you trying to handle / submit your spam, on and on ....

One has to wonder where the other 50% of your traffic is actually ending up ....

Have you looked at the SpamCop FAQ here?

Have you looked at the How to use .. Forum section?

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What a suspicious mind you have Wazoo. I have indeed registered for a completely legitimate fully paid-for reporting account, if that's how you describe the crown jewels. So chill m8 :)

You're right - I should have read all the stuff you pointed me to and will do so.


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It's cool wazoo. Looking back at my first post here it does seem rather uninformative.

I'm a refugee of the recent Blue Security collapse, where spam submission was a simple affair, especially after Mailwasher incorporated Blue Frog, and I didn't have to worry about all the finer details of spam, headers etc. Too bad.

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