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Error message : This email contains no date


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An increasing volume of my spam reports bang in to the same "This email contains no date" wall. It's disturbing and frustrating to take the time to file a report only to find the effort apparently wasted. I'm sure the engineers can appreciate this. Here's hoping they can solve the "no date" problem. Here's hoping that the following is useful...

1) Received a typical "pump-n-dump" stock spam this morning (one of over 50) containing text salad and an embedded GIF. It arrived in our "real" inbox, not our SpamCop account held mail folder, defeating all filters we have in place. Our ISP is Comcast and our mail goes to a POP account via our web hosting and mail service, Webmasters.com.

2) Opened the spam with Eudora the usual way to reveal full headers. Forwarded the spam to our regular SC reporting address.

3) Received the normal "[spamCop] has accepted 1 email for processing" message, enabled cookies, and followed the link to the tracking URL:


4) Briefly considered making a double vodka martini but quit my browser and started doing billable work instead.

If I can provide any other info the engineers need to dig through this, I'll be happy to do so. If it makes any sense to do so, I'll take the time to write directly to the SC deputies address with additional details and a copy of the original spam exactly as I received it. Thanks and good luck.

The one line that looks valid here, does not contain the date. This header should be placed there by the ns39.webmasters.com server and has nothing to do with the spammer. Spamcop will only use headers it trusts to find a date. It trusts this line, but finds no date.

Received: from by ns39.webmasters.com

Now if you can show that the message had a date on that line when you sent it in, we may have figured out a problem with spamcop's system. Otherwise, please bring this to the attention of webmasters.com and ask why they are not timestamping their headers as required in RFC2822:

The "Received:" field contains a (possibly empty) list of name/value pairs followed by a semicolon and a date-time specification.

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Now if you can show that the message had a date on that line when you sent it in, we may have figured out a problem with spamcop's system.

Thanks, Steven... I'll send all relevant info along to Webmasters.com tech support with a link to this thread. They'll probably refer me back to SpamCop or Comcast in a never-ending Catch-22 loop from planet hell. Meanwhile, a few jerkoff spam gangs continue to highjack the 'net, rendering it worse than useless for the rest of us.

Argh. What a world.

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Hi, I'm wondering if Paul 101 got any reply from webmasters. I'm also hosted by webmasters and in the last few days started getting the same "email contains no date" response. Waiting to hear what they say.

And what's with all the new stock pumps? I miss the spam about high school diplomas. Ah the old days... :P

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Hey Suzer... Your post helped me smile after a long day on planet hell. Yeah, the good old days... when spam pretty much just peddled harmless crap.

I'm in contact with Webmasters.com about this issue and will post any useful information at this thread. Meanwhile, you can view a related page here.

best - paul

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After many months of not seeing this problem, it seems to be back. Tracking URL

The headers added by my machines, sourceforge, and smtp2.aruba.it are fine, but prior to that something added a ridiculous Received: line with no semicolon and no date:

Received: by simscan 1.1.0 ppid: 4219, pid: 4225, t: 0.0150s
		 scanners: clamav: 0.80/m:29/d:680

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