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Login cookie blocked

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flash.net' post='43613' date='Jun 1 2006, 08:55 PM']All of a sudden, I cannot login due to the login cookie being blocked. I have checked in IE security and spamcop is not blocked.

What is the cookie (file name)?

First of all, this was posted into the Forum section Titled and defined as:

FAQ Under Construction

Please do NOT post any general questions in this Forum. This Forum is to be used only by those who want to help build, add to, or correct the Forum version of the FAQ.

I don't quite see the relationship between that description and your query.

Then we move on to the small problem that as seen in the breakout of the SpamCop.net system that would have been seen had one followed the Start Here - before you make your first Post link .... there are a bunch of servers involved. You don't even try to drop a clue as to just what system you're having issues with .... which also makes it impossible to guess at just which Forum section to move this to ..... so for now, it's being moved to the Lounge ....

An explanation of just how a cookie is being blocked if you're not blocking it would also be helpful ....

While in a bit of a rant mode; how about taking a look at Spammers love Forum name = e-mail

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