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These Forums do not provide Official SpamCop.Net Customer Support. The SpamCop.net system has various components, some free, some paid, some technical. Basically, there are two separate entities: the SpamCop Parsing & Reporting Service. the SpamCop Blocklist, and the SpamCop Email Service. Section 8 - SpamCop's System & Active Staff gives the names of the people who are involved.

The primary mode of support here is peer-to-peer, meaning users helping other users. Since there are many different aspects to SpamCop, there are people with various areas of expertise. That means that the forum is not truly peer-to-peer since posters range from end users that just got their first computer yesterday with little technical knowledge to server administrators with daily experience with email.

However, the regular users have built an archive of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) so that if one poster doesn’t have the answer, it can be pointed to in the FAQ. The FAQ also provides a way for people with questions to find the answer and not have to post and wait for an answer Single-Page access point to the expanded SpamCop.net FAQ This "single-page access point" incorporates the original SpamCop FAQ found at http://www.spamcop.net (found via the Help button) and the SpamCop.net E-mail Account FAQ found at http://mail.spamcop.net ... plus the additional entries developed here by other users.

The odds are that your issue has in fact been brought up before, take the time to peruse through some of the existing Discussions, use one of the multiple "Search" tools provided, take note of what data is requested in those previous queries, check Announcements, check the Pinned items, then decide if you need to post your query. The magic phrase: help us to help you by providing the data needed to do research and try to answer your question .....

If you do not like the layout of the Forums, or find them too complicated; the SpamCop Wiki is a new alternative. Not yet as complete as the Forum version of the FAQ, but it continues to grow. Give it a try. There is a link to it in the top menu bar of every Forum page SC Wiki just to the right of "SSL Webmail"

The user to user forum often provides faster and more complete answers. However, if you want to talk to a SpamCop employee about Reporting and Blocklist issues, please use this link to the web submission forms at SpamCop Web submission form which is designed to ask specific questions and extract information that leads to resolution on first contact, rather than having to write back and forth a few times.

Please answer all questions, provide all data ... this address hits the InBox of three people, last known to be trying to handle 600-1000 e-mails and web-form submittals a day.

For the SpamCop Email Service and Forum:

J.T. - owner/Admin of the systems that handle the SpamCop newsgroups, Forum, and Email System (AKA JT and jefft): SpamCop Email Service Contact Info

Please note the singular here .. as above, hundreds of e-mails a day, a lot of them dealing with issues not pertaining to the SpamCop.net e-mail account system ....

Edited, Dbiel - 31 August 2006 to add link to Wiki

Edited, Reposted: WazoO - 2 June 2006

Original Document: Miss Betsy

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