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Spam with long subject names


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I have found a recent increase in spam that is using excessively long subject titles such that most of the subject matter of the spam is contained in the subject title (50 words or more)

I am not sure if it affects other users, but for myself using an older version of OE it is a real problem in that any time I click on one of them OE crashes. If it happens to be the newest message in a folder, then I have to copy a good message with a newer date (or create and send myself a new message to use for that purpose) into that folder, then at least I can go to that folder without crashing OE. Reporting them is a real problem, but I have finally found a way that works for me. I make sure that is a good message above and below the problem message. Then click on the top message and hold down the shift key and click on the bottom message to highlight the group. Then drag the group to my IMAP SpamCop HeldMail folder. Delete the two good messages and then go to the VER interface and select the messages for full reporting.

What a pain.

I wish SpamCop could filter out messages with excessively long titles.

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Yeah, I've been seeing a lot of these hit the mailserver here recently as well. Typically the entire message or a large portion of it is included in the subject. Most current mail readers should not have a problem with this. Older versions of OE have a number of known security issues, so you might want to consider downloading a newer version if you can.

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