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Log in issues to Reporting site


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I noticed this yesterday, but thought it was due to my computer at work.

http://mailsc.spamcop.net/sc will on occassion bring up the Windows sign in box with my email address as the user name, but the password blank. This is odd, because I keep that password saved. Even when I add the password and click "Remember my Password", it still will occassionally come up blank.

I cleared my cookies and temp folder, but the problem remains. AND.. I came across this problem when I attempted to report [at] home and came across the same issues.

btw, this is the login box I'm referring to:


Is anyone else coming across this problem?

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...FWIW, I never use mailsc.spamcop.net -- I use www.spamcop.net. I have never had the problem you describe.

I use mailsc and not had any problems either. Perhaps you should contact the deputies on this one? Might be something with your account?

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